Aluminium/Plastic Knitting Pins

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35cm Aluminium / Plastic single point knitting pins

2.00mm£2.50 Inc. VAT
2.25mm£2.50 Inc. VAT
2.50mm£2.50 Inc. VAT
2.75mm£2.50 Inc. VAT
3.00mm£2.50 Inc. VAT
3.25mm£2.50 Inc. VAT
3.50mm£2.50 Inc. VAT
3.75mm£2.50 Inc. VAT
4.00mm£2.75 Inc. VAT
4.50mm£2.75 Inc. VAT
5.00mm£2.75 Inc. VAT
5.50mm£3.25 Inc. VAT
6.00mm£3.25 Inc. VAT
6.50mm£3.25 Inc. VAT
7.00mm£3.25 Inc. VAT
7.50mm£3.25 Inc. VAT
8.00mm£3.95 Inc. VAT
9.00mm£3.95 Inc. VAT
10.00mm£3.95 Inc. VAT
12.00mm£5.50 Inc. VAT
15.00mm£5.50 Inc. VAT
20.00mm£5.50 Inc. VAT
25.00mm£8.90 Inc. VAT
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Strong and durable, aluminium and plastic knitting pins have a smooth, snag-free surface and uniformity of colour that make them a pleasure to use. The points are specifically designed to slip between stitches without damaging the yarn. Smaller sizes are pearl-grey anodised aluminium, larger are plastic.

These pins will usually be Prym but occasionally we may need to substitute Pony or Milward.



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