Snuggly DK

£3.70 Inc. VAT

Snuggly DK has a soft, smooth texture which helps it to glide on and off the needles making it so easy to work with and very gentle on your hands.

Tawny NEW (513)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Squirrel NEW (514)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Treehouse NEW (515)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Treasure NEW (516)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Precious (187)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Flamenco (242)£3.70 Inc. VAT
White (251)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Pearly Pink (302)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Cream (303)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Pearly Green (304)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Pastel Lemon (320)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Pastel Blue (321)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Denim Blue (326)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Spicy Pink (350)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Rice Pud (446)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Happy Hippo (469)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Whizz (483)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Cherry Pie (484)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Cloud (487)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Violet (488)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Tangerine (489)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Aqua (490)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Biscuit Discontinued (494)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Playing Field (498)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Sunshine (500)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Bramble (501)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Grape (502)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Ketchup (505)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Elephant (506)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Pumpkin (508)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Sorbet (509)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Rosebud (510)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Angel (511)£3.70 Inc. VAT
Pea Shoot (512)£3.70 Inc. VAT
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Snuggly DK is Sirdar’s most popular hand knitting yarn for babies. Its quality, softness and easy-care characteristics have been adored by generations of knitters. Incredibly soft to the touch making it extra gentle for little ones, it is available in a wide range of irresistible colours. Being machine washable Snuggly DK is perfect for baby and toddler clothes as well as cosy cot blankets.

Yarn Weight

Double Knit

Ball Size





55% Nylon, 45% Acrylic




22 stitches, 28 rows to 10cm/4"


Tawny NEW (513), Squirrel NEW (514), Treehouse NEW (515), Treasure NEW (516), Precious (187), Light Navy (224), Flamenco (242), White (251), Pearly Pink (302), Cream (303), Pearly Green (304), Pastel Lemon (320), Pastel Blue (321), Denim Blue (326), Spicy Pink (350), Rice Pud (446), Happy Hippo (469), Whizz (483), Cherry Pie (484), Cloud (487), Violet (488), Tangerine (489), Aqua (490), Coral (493), Biscuit Discontinued (494), Playing Field (498), Sunshine (500), Bramble (501), Grape (502), Ketchup (505), Elephant (506), Pumpkin (508), Sorbet (509), Rosebud (510), Angel (511), Pea Shoot (512)

Care Instructions

Machine wash at 40°C – wool cycle, cool tumble dry, dry press, may be dry cleaned


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