Interchangeable Circular Needle Points – Symfonie

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Knit Pro Symfonie circular, interchangeable points: Set of 2

3.00mm£5.95 Inc. VAT
3.00mm Special£5.95 Inc. VAT
3.25mm£5.95 Inc. VAT
3.25mm Special£5.95 Inc. VAT
3.50mm£5.95 Inc. VAT
3.50mm Special£5.95 Inc. VAT
3.75mm£5.95 Inc. VAT
3.75mm Special£5.95 Inc. VAT
4.00mm£5.95 Inc. VAT
4.00mm Special£5.95 Inc. VAT
4.50mm£5.95 Inc. VAT
4.50mm Special£5.95 Inc. VAT
5.00mm£5.95 Inc. VAT
5.00mm Special£5.95 Inc. VAT
5.50mm£5.95 Inc. VAT
6.00mm£7.95 Inc. VAT
6.50mm£7.95 Inc. VAT
7.00mm£7.95 Inc. VAT
8.00mm£7.95 Inc. VAT
9.00mm£9.50 Inc. VAT
10.00mm£9.50 Inc. VAT
12.00mm£9.50 Inc. VAT
15.00mm£13.95 Inc. VAT
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The points provide for effortless knitting with a snag free join and easy to connect cable to help carry the bulk of the weight.
Special points (shorter than standard points) must be used with the shortest cables when knitting in the round in order that the needle can form a ‘circle’.


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