Knit Pro Zing Aluminium Knitting Pins

£3.95£7.15 Inc. VAT

35cm Zing single point knitting pins

2.75mm£3.95 Inc. VAT
3.00mm£3.95 Inc. VAT
3.25mm£3.95 Inc. VAT
3.75mm£4.35 Inc. VAT
4.00mm£4.35 Inc. VAT
4.50mm£4.35 Inc. VAT
5.00mm£4.35 Inc. VAT
6.50mm£6.25 Inc. VAT
8.00mm£6.75 Inc. VAT
10.00mm£7.15 Inc. VAT
12.00mm£7.15 Inc. VAT
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Knit Pro Zing Aluminium knitting pins come in a spectrum of bright and lively colours with beautiful silver tips. The lustrous metallic shades are specific to different sizes.


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